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Pray we find Zoe...
 multi_cat - (opaloctober)
03:54pm 30/09/2010
C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe posting in We ::heart:: Our Babies!

So yesterday I ordered pizza, and it arrived around 3PM...around this same time yesterday. When I opened the door to pay the guy and get the pizza, Dixon ran out. I coralled him into the house, paid the guy, got the pizza, and that was that. Or so I thought. Last night when I fed the cats around 9pm, I noticed that we only had 6 instead of the regular 7 fur babies show up to eat dinner. I took inventory and realize Zoe, out DSH Hemingway Polydactyl was missing from the brood. Of course we started looking around the house, opening every door, cabinet, checking the nursery (which we keep the door closed on),...to no avail. She was nowhere in the house. I couldn't remember when she would have gotten out except for when I got the pizza. She must've run out on the other side of me when Dixon ran out and I didn't see her. If the pizza guy saw her, he never said a thing. I stayed outside looking for her rattling a cup of kitty food until midnight. She never came home last night.
This morning, I woke up and started looking again. I notified all the nighbors, put out some wet food for her, printer flyers, posted them around our area in the complex, called local animal control, called the Houston SPCA, and even posted an ad on Craigslist looking for her...none of our cats have ever ever been outdoors overnight. I'm so worried about her. I've been going outside checking for her and calling her every 30 minutes all day. As soon as my fiance comes home with the car, i'm going to go driving around looking for her, but that won't be for another few hours.
Does anyone else know what we can do?? Please pray that she finds her way home safe and sound.


Edited to add!!

Glory be!! Tonight at 8:45 we got home from the store. I called Zoe out lous just before we went in for the night, and we went in. While I was fishing in the cabinets looking for something good for dinner, my fiance and I heard LOUD meowing comming from behind the door. At first we werent sure if it was one of the cats inside, but after a couple more meows, we opened the door, and Zoe came waltzing in. With the exception of being incredibly thirsty and a little hungry, she's just dandy!! Thanks for all of the helpful stories and info shared by you guys, and also for the prayers!!! Glad to have my little girl home!!
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