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multi_cat's Journal

We ::heart:: Our Babies!
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For those of us with multi-babies!
Multi_cat is a place where cat lovers and owners alike can come toghether to share stories, photos, and ask for vet advice. I am a certified Vet Assistant, and am working towards my certification in Vet Technology. There also are a lot of other cat owners who would be happy to pitch in advice for questions you post as needed.

A Bit About Me:

I am 24, in college, a Texas Certified Vet Assistant, and i'm working online towards my certification in Vet Technology through Penn Foster College Online.
I've been blessed to have 7 four legged furballs i've rescued over the years that have become my children: their names are our sensitive and sweet Dixoon, a solid black kitty w/patches of white on his underside, We lost Squeakers a tuxedo, mother to Moe and Daisy in Feb 2010, Tigger, an Orange Tabby, father to Moe and Daisy, Moe, a white and grey tabby, Daisy, a dilute calico, Layla our spoiled Siamese, princess of all the house, Zoe our Hemingway Polydactyl Siamese mix, and finally my step-cat, Crack-Cat, Marks baby he had when we met, our beloved three-legged medium-haird tortoise shell who had ther back hind leg and hip removed in Nov 2008 due to cancer, but shes healthy and feisty now! They bring me so much happiness I don't know what i'd do without them, they've been my source of happiness when my world was in shambles.

Contact brokengirl1985, the creator/maintainer if anything is needed!